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Divorce and Family Law Attorney

If you are seeking a divorce or involved in any other type of family law case, you must have any experienced attorney. The outcome of your family law case will have an emotional, financial, and permanent impact on you for the rest of your life. You cannot afford a mistake in this situation. Don W. Bonner has represented hundreds of people in these exact situations and has extensive family law experience. Aggressive and knowledgeable representation in these types of cases is absolutely necessary. You must call Don W. Bonner for a free consultation if you have any questions regarding a divorce, child custody, or other family law related matter.

Don W. Bonner accepts all family law related cases including but not limited to the following: Divorce, Child Custody Disputes, Child Support Increases and Reductions, Child Support Enforcement, Possession/Access/Visitation Disputes, Property Division, Debt Allocation, Paternity Suits, Attorney General Cases, CPS cases, Modification of Prior Orders, Adoptions, Post-Divorce Issues, Pre-Nuptial Agreements.


A marriage can be either a formal marriage or an informal marriage otherwise known as a “common law” marriage. A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. There are five legal issues that must be resolved during a divorce. These legal issues are: custody, visitation, and support of any minor children, as well as, the division of community property and allocation of debts between the husband and wife. Divorces may be either contested or uncontested but you must know what your rights are during a divorce.

A divorce with children is often an emotional experience. You will need good legal representation to advise you on the law and present a compelling case if custody, visitation, or child support is an issue. The division of community property and allocation of debts can be complicated and can cost you thousands of dollars if not handled properly. An experienced attorney is absolutely necessary in these matters. Don W. Bonner will help determine the value of your marital estate and advise you how best to proceed in your divorce case. He will also fight to protect your rights regarding your children.

Child Custody

In Texas, divorced parents of a child are called “conservators”. There are two different forms of conservatorship: Joint Managing Conservatorship and Sole Managing Conservatorship. Joint Managing Conservators share the same rights, duties, and obligations as to the child. A primary Joint Managing Conservator has the exclusive right to determine the residence of the child and the right to receive child support. A Sole Managing Conservator has certain rights, duties, and obligations to the child not given to the other parent conservator who is referred to as a Possessory Conservator. A Possessory Conservator is normally ordered to pay child support and have possession of the child for certain designated periods of time.

A child custody dispute often arises when both parents want primary custody of a child or children of the marriage. This is a determination that will be made by the Court after a trial on the issue. These disputes are often very emotional and complex. There are many reasons to contest a person’s right to primary custody of a child. Each custody case is as unique as the persons involved in the case. The Court’s will always look to see what custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Don W. Bonner provides the aggressive representation you will need in a custody dispute.

Child Support

Child support is often an area of disagreement among separated or divorced parents. The law presumes a parent who does not have primary custody of a child will pay child support. A child support amount is established using child support guidelines set out in the Texas Family Code. There are many other factors to consider when determining an appropriate amount of child support. If there is a disagreement between the parents it is usually as to the amount of child support. Once a child support order is in effect it can be enforced by contempt and incarceration. Also, child support orders can only be changed by filing a suit to modify the amount and presenting the proper evidence to support the request. Child support is important issue and will have a financial impact on you whether you receive it or pay it. Call Don W. Bonner for assistance in any child support related matter.

Possession and Access of Children

The parent who does not have primary custody of the child is entitled to an order for possession and access to the child during and after a divorce. Parents often disagree as to what is an appropriate possession and access of a child under various circumstances. A parent having primary custody may want to restrict the other parent’s possession and access while the other may want more possession and access to the child. The Court will make a determination based on the best interest of the child. Don W. Bonner has the knowledge and experience you will need in these matters.

Enforcement Actions

The non-payment of court-ordered child support or denial of possession or access to the child can be enforced by contempt. A person held in contempt can be jailed and/or fined and ordered to pay attorney’s fees. If you are not receiving court-ordered child support or have been denied court-ordered access or possession to your child you should file an enforcement action. If you are accused of not paying child support or denying a parent access to their child you are subject to a monetary fine and incarceration. In either case, you should call Don W. Bonner to assist you in any enforcement action.

Paternity Suits

A paternity suit is brought to determine the identity of a child’s biological father and establish a legal parent-child relationship. This usually occurs when the parties are not married and no presumption of paternity exists, such as when the parties are married. If you are a man who believes you are the father of a child and want to establish a legal parent-child relationship with that child or you are a woman who wants to establish a parent-child relationship between the biological father and your child you will need to file a paternity suit. Call Don W. Bonner for representation in a paternity suit.

Modification Orders

Prior orders regarding custody, visitation, and child support may be modified depending on the circumstances. A non-custodial parent can seek primary custody of a child, child support obligations can be increased or decreased, and the terms of possession and access can be restricted or expanded. This is done by filing a suit to modify a prior court order. There are certain conditions that must be met before filing this type of suit. If you would like to modify an existing order regarding any of these issues please call Don W. Bonner.


A suit for adoption is filed by a person or persons seeking to legally adopt a child. If an adoption is granted, the person becomes the legal parent of the child with all of the rights, duties, and obligations as a biological parent. Only a child who does not have a legal parent may be adopted. This often occurs when one or both biological parents are deceased or when one or both biological parents have had their parental rights terminated. A step-parent adoption occurs when a step-parent desires to adopt the biological child of the spouse. Suits for termination and adoption can be complex. If you are seeking to adopt a child or children call Don W. Bonner for experienced representation in the case.