Divorce & Family Law

Divorce and Family Law Attorney

If you are seeking a divorce or involved in any other type of family law case, you must have any experienced attorney. The outcome of your family law case will have an emotional, financial, and permanent impact on you for the rest of your life. You cannot afford a mistake in this situation. Don W. Bonner has represented hundreds of people in these exact situations and has extensive family law experience. Aggressive and knowledgeable representation in these types of cases is absolutely necessary. You must call Don W. Bonner for a free consultation if you have any questions regarding a divorce, child custody, or other family law related matter.

Don W. Bonner accepts all family law related cases including but not limited to the following: Divorce, Child Custody Disputes, Child Support Increases and Reductions, Child Support Enforcement, Possession/Access/Visitation Disputes, Property Division, Debt Allocation, Paternity Suits, Attorney General Cases, CPS cases, Modification of Prior Orders, Adoptions, Post-Divorce Issues, Pre-Nuptial Agreements.

A marriage can be either a formal marriage or an informal marriage otherwise known as a “common law” marriage. A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage. There are five legal issues that must be resolved during a divorce. These legal issues are: custody, visitation, and support of any minor children, as well as, the division of community property and allocation of debts between the husband and wife. Divorces may be either contested or uncontested but you must know what your rights are during a divorce.

A divorce with children is often an emotional experience. You will need good legal representation to advise you on the law and present a compelling case if custody, visitation, or child support is an issue. The division of community property and allocation of debts can be complicated and can cost you thousands of dollars if not handled properly. An experienced attorney is absolutely necessary in these matters. Don W. Bonner will help determine the value of your marital estate and advise you how best to proceed in your divorce case. He will also fight to protect your rights regarding your children.